Claire Ryan-Robertson

Encaustic Paint & Mixed Media Paintings

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #14

Prospect Avenue Gallery  
66 Beaumont Ave
Entrance on Prospect
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The fluid nature of working with hot wax, the responsiveness of the wax, and the many-layered approach in creating an image is very freeing. The variety of techniques available to build up or subtract from a painting allow for endless possibilities and challenges. There is a "letting-go" in working with wax that releases me from self-criticism and preconceived expectations and allows me to find inspiration in the work and joy in my pieces.

In the past my work has played with the horizon line in landscape painting and elements that lead the viewer to “see” a landscape as the images became more abstract. Most recently my artwork is reflecting transitions in my personal life and is less rooted in landscape and more focused on what is hidden or revealed in a work. I have begun incorporating monoprints in my most recent pieces.

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