Ryder Gordon

Ceramic Vessels

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #7  Wheelchair Accessible

Artists at Shepherd + Maudsleigh  
27 Dunstan Street
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My name is Ryder Gordon, I am a potter from Newton, MA. I have been potting for over ten years now. I love the meditative nature of transforming the basest material, mud, into beauty. I began my career as a potter almost by accident – as a rambunctious going-into-4th grade camper all I wanted to do was run around and be noisy, so naturally I resisted the attempts of my cousin to convince me to join her in the ‘wheelworking’ class. But I gave in, and after four weeks I fell in love. Today, I delight in making tall vases with thin necks, jars with funky lids, and large bowls. I like to cover my favorite and most complex pieces with intricate geometric or abstract carvings.  

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