Megan Hergrueter

Everyday Stoneware and Raku Pottery

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #35

Pine Ridge Artists at St Paul's  
1135 Walnut St.
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I am an independent potter and I share my love for ceramics through instructing at my studios in Massachusetts and a shared studio on Long Island.
Using both the wheel and hand building I create functional and artistic stoneware pottery. I enjoy experimenting with different firing techniques and have led many Raku and pit firing workshops with my students. Each firing technique leads to beautiful and unpredictable results, giving each pot a life of its own.
I am involved with several events throughout the year. In Massachusetts I work with Newton Open Studios, and home shows. On Long Island I take part in ARTsi Open Studios.
As a teacher, it is a gift to be part of my student’s journey in clay. As a potter, it gives me great pleasure to know my pottery will be enjoyed.
Megan Hergrueter

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