Dora Hsiung

Fiber Art and Sculptures.

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #45  Wheelchair Accessible

Artists 12  
379 Hammond St
Church of the Redeemer
Chestnut Hill
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I was born in China, and lived in Brazil before I came to US for college. I received BFA from University of Illinois, and attended graduate art school at Boston University. Weaving was my hobby after I stayed home to raise 3 children. Then later I developed wall hangings using my original off-loom weaving technique. For over 40 years, I wrapped yarns over geometric shapes, changing patterns and designs as the viewers move from side to side, my works are often described as “high tech” -- a welcoming, but unintentional, association to the image of computer chips. My works have been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, and are in private and corporate collections, including IBM, GTE and Cabot Corporation.


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